Enjoy access to a range of trips into DOC huts from our base in Galatea, or we can drop you off in some of the best fly-fishing spots in New Zealand.

How would you like to be flown in by helicopter for your next hunting trip?

Gain easy access to both the Te Urewera and Whirinaki Forest Park. The Galatea Foothills are the doorstep to the Te Urewera are widely known for its excellent hunting and Trout fishing. With an Abundance of Red Deer, Rusa Deer and Rainbow and Brown trout.

What makes a helicopter fly fishing trip the best is that you are unlikely to see another trout fisherman for the duration of your stay!

We can also arrange access to private hunting blocks, with Trophy Red and Fallow deer. Please call us for more information.

Weight limit is approx 420kg (Max 4 persons per load)

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If you are interested in flying with us, give us a call to discuss locations, or book now.