Heli-Hire offers full private licence training, as well as commercial licence & instructor C-Cat

Agricultural Pilot Training

Working as an agricultural pilot is a demanding job with a high level of flying skills required.

You are working in a multi-hazard area with power-wires, phone wires, electric fence wires, stock crops, dwellings and just to top it off, people who don’t want us spraying.  So it is quite a challenge!!

if you have been brought up on a farm you may find everything in the training syllabus pretty straight forward, but without the farming background, you will have a lot to learn.


  • Type ratings (if required)
  • Spray runs and turns
  • Bucket spreading and turns
  • Wire environment/Training
  • Neighbourly flying
  • Block orientation
  • Stock control
  • Local air plans
  • GPS training
  • And relevant accompanying paperwork

Private Licence & Commercial Licence

Complete the full Commercial Helicopter Pilot Training course* with Heli-Hire.

Heli-Hire Limited can offer both PPL, CPL and C-CAT pilot training, this is done on as in when available service in your own machine or one of our helicopters.

Please contact us to learn more about the Heli-Hire Limited Commercial Helicopter Pilot Training Programme.

Type Ratings

Heli-Hire LTD offers Type ratings in the Robinson R44 Helicopter, Eurocopter AS350B2 and the Hughes 500 Model helicopter.

Heli-Hire can provide type ratings in our client’s own machine, or source a helicopter for which the type rating is required.

The Hughes 500 is a small to medium size turbine powered helicopter. Having completed a PPL or CPL, and a Basic Gas Turbine theory exam with ASL, we offer type rating flights in our Hughes 500C/D. With a PPL, the average flight time to obtain a type rating in this machine is around 5 hours, and with a CPL around 3 hours.

The cost per flying hour for this machine is $1650+GST. The cost for flying the R44 is $1350+gst per hour, and the AS350b2 is $2300+gst per hour.

Biennial Flight Review

If you are due or nearly due for your BFR then please contact David Lealand directly.

We can even do the BFR in your own helicopter if you wish.

Please contact us on 0800 435 444, or email us, to discuss your requirements.



Heli-Hire offers endorsements in sling ratings, long line rating, monsoon bucket training, mustering training and advanced low flying/mountain flying training.

We operate three helicopters, with high spec, well-maintained support vehicles and experienced pilots and ground crew. Based in Rotorua and Galatea – we can cater to every requirement and budget.