Long Line Rating

Developed to further enhance the skills of a Commercial Helicopter Pilot, the Heli-Hire Limited Long Line Endorsement has been developed to ensure a well rounded sampling of what you can expect within the industry when you go out to do jobs for clients.

The duration of the endorsement will be 25 hours. During this time, each aspect of the Long Line Endorsement will ensure that your skills with a load suspended below the helicopter will improve and accuracy will increase.

The Heli Hire Limited Long Line Endorsement is comprised of the following:

  • Fire Bucket Training (incl NZQA qualifications)
  • Precision flying and water bombing using a miniature fire bucket under the Robinson R22
  • Use of a logging grapple simulating Heli Logging
  • Use of Long Line Training strops from 60 foot through to over 200 foot

Conducted from farm land, local forestry blocks and in the mountains, your scenarios will appear just like you would expect in the commercial working environment. The course covers illusions and situations pilots are faced with when dealing with external loads in farm land, forestry and mountain situations, and the use of a quick release remote hook (a self releasing hook on the end of the chain).

The course is conducted on a one on one basis and consists of both dual and directly supervised solo flight instruction by our Chief Flying Instructor. Upon completion of the endorsement, you will be awarded a certificate and your logbook will be endorsed.


25 Hours consisting of:

  • 20 Hours Robinson R22 @ $ 520/hour $ 10,400
  • 5 Hours Hughes 500 @ $ 1,380/hour $ 6,900
    TOTAL $ 17,300

The Long Line endorsement offers a great opportunity to increase your skills. We are able to adjust the endorsement components to suit your requirements, increasing or decreasing times in each machine; eg. 25 hours R22 only or any other combination.

For further information or to configure the training to your requirements, please contact us today.