First Solo – Hamish Funnell

Congratulations to Hamish Funnell for completing his first solo on Sunday the 25th of October, 2009.

Hamish, who holds a Commercial Pilots License (Aeroplane), has managed to complete his first solo flight with just 10.2 hours in the Robinson R22, a total achieved over the past couple of weeks.

Chief Flying Instructor, David Lealand, said “Hamish is smoking ahead and has taken to the Helicopter really well. Had it not been for the flight manual stipulating that solo flights are not to be conducted with less than 10 hours of flight experience on type, he would have gone solo comfortably in under 5 hours.”
Hamish Funnell flying solo

Staff and students of Heli-Hire Limited would like to say well done and wish Hamish all the best for all future flights.

hamish funnell first solo flight