Mustering Endorsement

Heli-Hire Limited can offer pilots with experience in mustering from a helicopter.

With experience gained in Alaska, helicopter mustering makes driving your stock to more accessible areas a whole lot easier.

On snow covered mountains or drought stricken ranges, your stock mustering requirements can be serviced fully, right down to the last beast.

The Helicopter Pilot Mustering Endorsement has been designed for the purpose of teaching helicopter pilots how to safely conduct aerial stock mustering. Following is a breakdown of the course content:

Training Breakdown
A minimum of 5 hours covering the following:
(a) Aircraft Handling and Low Flying;
(b) Hovering and slow flight;
(c) Manoeuvring in and out of effective translational lift in varying wind conditions;
(d) Manoeuvring in and out of ground effect;
(e) Low flying (below 100 feet);
(f) Quick stops and 180 Quick stops (including review of
vortex ring conditions);
(g) Methods of losing height;
(h) Steep and torque turns;
(i) Autorotative landings from normal and low level flight;
(j) Precautions for operating in ground effect in dusty
(k) Avoidance of obstacles;
(l) Low flying in hilly terrain;
(m) Effect on false horizons;
(n) Effect of the sun, under certain conditions, on visibility;
(o) Approach to high ground – use of escape routes.

Operational Training
A minimum of 10 hours training on actual stock mustering. This flight training will include:
(a) Aerial reconnaissance and operational planning; and
(b) The effect on operational procedures by obstacles, sun, wind and Cattle fatigue; and
(c) All aerial stock mustering techniques used while working in open country and hilly and timbered terrain.

This endorsement contains 10 hours of ground theory and 15 hours of flight time in the Robinson R22 at a cost of around $ 7,500. Although a minimum 15 hours of flight time will be required to complete the endorsement requirement, additional flying time maybe required or requested at the usual hourly rate of $ 500 per flight hour.

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