Heli-Hire offers the following endorsements for helicopter pilot training.

Sling Ratings

Sling Ratings have not always been a part of holding a CPL. Today sling training is integrated into the CPL training and once learned, it is a skill which requires practice if not being used regularly.

Long Line Rating

The Long Line endorsement offers a great opportunity to increase your skills. We are able to adjust the endorsement components to suit your requirements, increasing or decreasing times in each machine. Conducted from farm land, local forestry blocks and in the mountains, your scenarios will appear just like you would expect in the commercial working environment

Monsoon Bucket Training

Monsoon bucket training conducted with the Chief Flight instructor meets National Qualification Framework standards for both pilots and ground crew.

Mustering Training

The Helicopter Pilot Mustering Endorsement has been designed for the purpose of teaching helicopter pilots how to safely conduct aerial stock mustering.

Advanced Low Flying/Mountain Flying Training

Helicopters spend a lot more time close to the surface and advanced training can be beneficial.

We operate three helicopters, with high spec, well-maintained support vehicles and experienced pilots and ground crew. Based in Rotorua and Galatea – we can cater to every requirement and budget.