Book a trial flight

Trial flights are hands on first-hand experience, allowing you to fly the helicopter yourself under full guidance from one of our experienced instructors.

Trial flights include a pre-flight briefing covering basic helicopter principles of flight and safety procedures, followed by a pre-flight inspection of the helicopter where you will learn the basics of how a helicopter functions. After the pre-flight inspection you will depart from our base where you start your flight experience, you will be flying the helicopter within a matter of minutes where our Instructors will be teaching you basic manoeuvres and exercises. This flight time can be credited towards your PPL or CPL licence.

Please fill in the form below and one of Heli-Hire Staff will contact you regarding your trial flight. You can also contact us any time on 0800 Heli Hire (0800 435 444) if you have further question in regards to our trial flights.