Lifting items through sling operations is an integral part of the services that Heli-Hire Limited offers.

Need to lift something? Whether it is lifting logs out for processing, or lifting processed timber into remote areas for construction, we offer a service to suit.

Our experienced operators and helicopters allow us to provide a cost-effective way of servicing your lifting requirements. The Robinson R44 Raven II is capable of lifting items up to 300kg, the Eurocopter AS350B2 has a lifting capacity of 900kg and the Hughes 500D can lift a total of 550kg.
Items we have lifted:

  • Water Tanks
  • Fencing Materials
  • Stock Feed
  • Building Materials
  • Animals (Animal Recovery)
  • Stock Relocation
  • Bee Hives

All lifting strops and chains are fully certified and undergo a vigorous inspection every six months.

We also have self-releasing hooks hanging on the chain which allows us to access areas where personal cannot be to unhook the strops. Eg Rocky mountain faces, dense bush etc.

Please contact us today to discuss your lifting requirements.

Aerial Agricultural Services

For all your aerial spraying needs; from insecticides to liquid fertilizers, herbicides and more.

Heli-Hire Ltd offers fertiliser applications & top dressing of either bagged or bulk products.

Frost Control is a critical component of the fruit growing industry when the buds are out and the fruit is forming.

Heli-Hire Limited offers pilots with experience in mustering from a helicopter.

Combining experience gained in New Zealand and overseas, Heli-Hire has pilots well-qualified for heli pest control.

We operate three helicopters, with high spec, well-maintained support vehicles and experienced pilots and ground crew. Based in Rotorua and Galatea – we can cater to every requirement and budget.