During the long hot New Zealand summers, vegetation fires are a natural occurrence.

When they do occur, Heli-Hire Limited is ready to fly into action with ground crew and HELiFIRE monsoon bucket at the ready.

The services which Heli-Hire Limited offer include Fire Fighting with the HELiFIRE Monsoon Bucket, Fire Lighting, Fire Control and Air Reconnaissance. We are able to monitor and document all aspects of Fire Operations while having support services/tankers on hand.

Heli-Hire Limited staff have been trained to NZQA and industry standards by Fire and Rescue New Zealand, and are familiar with standard operational procedures.

Using Class A foam, retardants or water, application and mixing techniques are important. We are able to provide a full service at short notice.

Servicing the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, King Country and Hawkes Bay regions, we pride ourselves on our ability to be on-site and operating promptly, lessening the impact of vegetation burning.

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