Hughes 500D Helicopter - Heli-Hire Limited Fleet

Hughes 500D Joins Fleet

Heli-Hire Limited has purchased a former California Police Helicopter to add to its’ fleet.

Two former Police helicopters, both Hughes 500D’s, were up for Auction in California on Tuesday 22nd of July and Heli-Hire Limited has been successful in purchasing N4575Z.

The new helicopter is an advancement on the Hughes 500C which is already on fleet, and will be helicopter number 4 for the Heli-Hire Limited fleet.

Since the auction, N4575Z has undergone a fresh 100 hour check and the check for export, and is expected to depart from California within the next week or so. It is hoped that the latest edition to the Heli-Hire Limited fleet will be up and flying around the Bay of Plenty in time for summer.


Hughes 500D Helicopter - Heli-Hire Limited Fleet