Rescue Open Day

The Bay Trust Rescue Helicopter Open Day was held again on Sunday the 5th of April and Heli-Hire Limited were there to offer support once again

 It was a successful day with the event raising over $ 8,000 towards the continuing upkeep and maintaining of the service.
Rotoruas’ BayTrust Rescue Helicopter

From 10am until 2pm Heli-Hire Limited staff Mark Lealand, David Wylie and Mike Gallacher were there with the Robinson R22 Beta II and the Hughes 500C, offering support and showing many of the 2000+ visitors around the helicopters.

The day was praised as a huge success with additional displays and demonstrations. David Wylie, C-Cat Instructor, said the highlight of the day for him was when the Rescue Pilot from the Tauranga Rescue Helicopter Service, Liam Brettkelly, was put into a Police Dog training suit and then got taken down by a Police Dog.